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oh man

2012-03-12 13:23:54 by LatinClock

hhahaha, hoyl shit. this site is still up. hello all.

im off

2009-10-10 16:58:15 by LatinClock

man NG is boring. See y'all in a few years.

im off

wat is this i don't even

2009-08-07 17:01:03 by LatinClock

I just started to replay Fallout3 and i noticed, this game is ugly as hell, great gameplay etc, but the graphics are pure shit, but the bright side of this is its nicer then Prototype.
This is what i came across today in Fallout 3:

wat is this i don't even

First audio song uploaded :D

2009-07-16 07:43:09 by LatinClock

So i just uploaded my first song ;D


2009-07-14 11:05:37 by LatinClock

I'm going to buya "Tank Explosion" shirt anda Tank Keyhanger :D
Also, i've started work on my newest serie's Mario and Luigi: raped by the NES.


2009-07-14 04:41:28 by LatinClock

You know what it is?


News update :3

2009-07-12 16:36:49 by LatinClock

O hety guys i dindt saw u ther :3

So i had an active day today, went to see the Street Fighter Collab ( awesome :D) and other suff, submitted my first photoshop art to the art portal, gonna upload sum moar.

Oh BTW go see "It's A Nice Day Today", or i'll kill you.

News update :3

lol wut

2009-07-02 04:22:06 by LatinClock


News flash!

2009-02-23 06:33:27 by LatinClock

Today im using MGS4 of a friend and it's one of the best games ever!

I just downloaded 3 savegames (F3, Oblivion and LBP).

Im gonna have some fun.

New banner Arrived! & icon coming up

2008-12-30 17:54:58 by LatinClock

So i asked Spartan204 And check out the new sweet banner he made, i love it! =D

And my friends busy too (we're pretty close etc).

Ill edit this when its here.

My icon's here! =D

New banner Arrived! & icon coming up